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Clarisa.Cortez88 44 minutes ago

Spinach Salad

I had the Spinach salad and it Was delicious. My mother is on a Strict Paleo diet and I Ordered a salad for her and the cashier was super accommodating with what I wanted on it. The salad was so fresh and next time I'm definitely trying a pizza there. I had a great experience and will positively be back.

Lee 9 days ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza is phenomenal and is my favorite item on the Cruzer menu. Although I do have to say it's hard to choose a favorite when I have so many!

Cody.Alan.Spencer 15 days ago

Vegan Ranch

Wow! I stopped in Cruzer's the other day for lunch. I wasn't sure what to order simply because everything on their menu looked soo good, after a few minutes of deliberating I decided on the veggie burger and a side of potatoe wedges. I was blown away with how insanely delicious it all was! The potatoe wedges had vegan cheese and came with vegan ranch. The ranch blew my mind. It was so tasty! I can't wait to go back and order again!

Juliakow222 17 days ago

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

This place has the best cheese breadsticks! Yes even, not even vegan breadsticks, they're better than regular ones! Get them with ranch and enjoy. The Hawaiian pizza is also amazing.

Jrw 19 days ago

Eggplant Sandwich

Took my daughter and her friends here (about 12 of us) for her birthday party. We probably ordered close to everything on the menu - pizzas, sandwiches, salads and they surprised us with a desert for my daughter with a candle in it - it was great. All of the food was really great. I am partial to a good eggplant parm sandwich and it did not disappoint. Also had a slice of a few different pizzas (buffalo chicken and veg) and they were also really good. If you're a vegan - you cannot miss this place. If you're not a vegan, you still cannot miss this place. It's great and I'm thankful it exists!!!

Jasliberto 21 days ago

Vegan Cheese Pizza

My little nephew struggles with his health. Cruizer Pizza happens to be his favorite pizza shop of all time! Thankful for the plant based options! 🙌🏽

Gabriela.Azurdia 23 days ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Best pizza ever. I order a large by myself. No regrets! Munchies OR no munchies.... It's so damn good.

Benfiner 26 days ago

Pesto Pizza

Phenomenal vegan pizza!

Your.Garland about 1 month ago

Chicken Pesto Pasta

I looooove their pesto pasta!!! So tasty, flavorful and .... Just so good! Also their ranch dressing is honestly THE BEST EVER!!!!

Jeniferdevito about 1 month ago

Cheese Breadsticks

Oh wow! My husband and I have been vegan for 8 years and have not had decent breadsticks in ages! These breadsticks were so authentic, buttery, garlicky and delicious that I had to make 100% sure that they were vegan! I highly recommend this place. Great service, nice atmosphere, delicious food!

Richard about 2 months ago

Pesto Pizza

The pesto pizza with gluten free crust is my absolute favorite thing on the menu. Light, crispy and delicious.

Lyssgold about 2 months ago

Chicken Parm Sandwich

Amazingly delicious!

Robintakizawa about 2 months ago

Caesar Salad

I love the Caesar Salad!

Rothknows about 2 months ago

Vegan Vegetable Pizza

This is the best pizza in the city! The flavor is immaculate, the staff is kind and friendly! You cant go wrong choosing pizza from Cruzer's I'm a customer for life :-)

Jdes115 3 months ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The buffalo chicken pizza is hands down the best pizza ever. The ranch is also out of this world. I usually order 2 pizzas so that I have leftovers for a few days. Cruzer please open another location on the Westside!

Emiliamargolis 3 months ago

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

LISTEN. This sandwich brought me a significant amount of happiness. Such comforting flavors. I drove across LA traffic for it, so my expectations were high. Absolutely worth it!

Josh3ber 3 months ago

Vegan Cheese Pizza

I've been fortunate enough to have vegan pizza around the world and Cruzer is my favorite.

Marymatting12 3 months ago

Cheese Breadsticks

The cheese breadsticks are SOOOO good!! The vegan cheese actually taste like real cheese, which I was not expecting. I even let my meat-eating roommate try them, hes super picky and he loved them as well. I've also ordered the pesto pasta and lasagna, both were delicious. I'm super excited that a Cruzers is opening within walking distance to my apt- I will definitely be going there much more often!! I definitely need to try the pizza ASAP!

Kladores5 3 months ago

Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

The BEST vegan pizza in LA. With the side of ranch - so good!

Kaylachristy 3 months ago

Vegan Meat Pizza

This is our go-to vegan pizza joint. They are always super friendly and the food is to die for. We crave it constantly.

Annasusie 7 days ago

Vegan Cheese Pizza

Vegan and Non-vegan approved! I was so stoked when this location in East Hollywood opened up, and it does not disappoint. All my non-vegan friends were wowed by the texture and quality of the vegan cheese. So delicious and cruelty free!

Lunadesol333 14 days ago

Cheese Breadsticks

These breadsticks are incredibly perfect! I almost was worried that they weren't vegan they were so savory and delicious. 10/10 highly recommend to everyone! The only regret you will have is not ordering more!

Aarongamboa101 16 days ago

Meatball Sub

I've never had a sexier meatball sub in my life...vegan or not it was so freaking delicious I wanted 10 more. Sometimes I wonder if deserve 500 dollars for pizza and I think I really do

Rtfigorski 17 days ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Officially found the best vegan pizza in LA! I'm obsessed

Heather 21 days ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This pizza was amazing! Just the right amount of spiciness for me :) so happy I found this place and looking forward to trying more dishes, if everything is as good as this pizza!!

Tracy 22 days ago

Vegan Cheese Pizza

The best vegan gluten free pizza ever! My husband is a big fan of the Hawaiian pizza and we both love the potato skins and the salad. Their ranch dressing is amazing as well! Cruzer's food is delicious and the atmosphere is nice as well, it's a great date night place.

Justguy123 25 days ago

Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta

Big fan of the eggplant parmigiana pasta. This was always a comfort food for me growing up on the east coast, but I thought I'd given it up when I went vegan. Not so! This hits the spot and reminds me of the eggplant-y parmigian-y days of my youth. Just the right mix of cheesiness and sauce. And the eggplant's high quality too. Yum!

Emwashington1 30 days ago

Pesto Pizza

The BEST vegan pizza I've ever tasted. I was impressed with the texture of the cheese used on this pizza. Perfectly melted. Artichokes, spinach, garlic, pesto sauce topping baked on fresh pizza dough. It is so worth it! Oh, and don't forget to order to cheese sticks.

Yvettebustamante about 1 month ago

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Cruzer's has the best vegan ham I've ever tried. Their cheese bread is great too. Never been disappointed with any of their pizzas. They deliver on time always too.

Reid S about 1 month ago

Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

Literally the best PIZZA I have ever had in my entire life , so amazing! Bonkers awesome!

Penguincolors about 2 months ago


Very good, rich, unique

Danielmagni1800 about 2 months ago

Vegan Chicken Pizza

I've been to Cruzer's many tike because I love the chicken pizza. I've had other vegan pizzas that were good but this is my favorite. The chicken's texture and flavor and subtle but tasty and compliment the sauce and the cheese very well. I recommend this to friends whenever I'm asked for vegan restaurant recommendations.

Guest about 2 months ago

Chicken Parm Sandwich

This was amazing. A little pricier than I would normally pay for a sandwich, but it's huge and can easily feed two!

Jakebr2212 2 months ago

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Came here with my vegan girlfriend. Im not vegan myself but I eat vegan often. This place is AMAZING. Love the hawaiian pizza, and their breadsticks and to die for. Definitely will be coming back...a lot.

Bertdiaz91 3 months ago

Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

This pizza was amazing. Went in not thinking much of it, especially knowing that it was vegan. I was blown away! I couldn't believe how good this tasted! I can't wait to go back and try the rest of what Cruzer has to offer!

Pheideman 3 months ago

QuarryGirl.Com Pizza

Have been ordering the Quarry Girl for years. Always want to try something new, but it is so good, I always seem to go back to it. Caesar Salad is a win, too. Gotta love an all-vegan pizza joint.

Mindawhiteley 3 months ago

Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

Love your pizza so much.

Kladores5 3 months ago

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This is the only place I go to to get a good pizza fix! Best vegan pizza and their gluten free dough is really good too.

Lorisonlopez 3 months ago

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Gotta love me some Hawaiian! Pineapples belong on pizza. Put it on my grave. The ham is so realistic but thankfully it's ALL VEGAN BABY. Thank you for the delicious pizza


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